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C&S: Building Polkadot blockchain validators with Substrate

  • Code & Supply Community Center 5648 Friendship Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15206 United States (map)

Run Your Own Polkadot Validator Workshop

Bitcoin has miners; Polkadot has validators. Validators use DOT tokens, instead of solving quadrillions of hash puzzles, in order to produce blocks and add to the blockchain. This reduces the amount of electricity required to generate a blockchain by numerous orders of magnitude compared to a proof-of-work scheme.

In this workshop, we will learn what DOTs are, how Polkadot's nominated proof-of-stake (NPoS) system works, and about the different kinds of roles in the Polkadot ecosystem (validators, nominators, collators, fishermen).

We will then set up our own validator node and connect to a local blockchain. We will experiment with validating and producing blocks, as well as nominating different validators with our DOTs.

If there is time, we can even set up your validator node to join the official Alexander testnet!