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C&S: Advanced Network Programming with ZeroMQ

  • Code & Supply Community Center 5648 Friendship Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15206 United States (map)

What we'll do
In the world of microservices, cloud and mobile computing, and the
Internet of Things, networked communication has never been more critical
to application architecture. ZeroMQ is an open source library with
bindings for many programming languages that makes advanced network
programming as simple as possible, but no simpler.

While RESTful APIs shoehorn the world into GET/PUT/POST/DELETE, and
large distributed system frameworks often use undocumented hand-rolled
protocols to communicate, ZeroMQ provides easy to use socket-like
primitives for building robust and performant distributed architectures.

In this presentation, we will review the library--its usage, philosophy,
and limitations--and work through real-world examples in (mostly) Python.