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StartNow Pittsburgh's weekly newsletter is something that I didn't know that I wanted and that, now, I can't live without. Without fail, it arrives in my inbox and I consider it to be part of my week-starting ritual. The "Community Updates" and "Events of the Week" sections, in particular, are must-reads; collectively, they not just help to remind me of what I have in the week to come, but also make me aware of what should be on my calendar.
- Brett Fulesday


I never have to ask StartNow Pittsburgh to publish an event of mine. They just seem to know about it and they publicize it to their community with no questions asked. That just tells me that they truly have their fingers on the pulse of the Pittsburgh tech scene. They are also my go-to source for all of the 'happenings' in our city and I couldn't be more grateful for the support they've shown to both Black Tech Nation and my work in the blockchain space.
- Kelauni Cook


I recommend StartNow to anyone who's new to the Pittsburgh ecosystem or looking to get more involved. The summary of events, news, and opportunities is perfect whether you're a veteran of the ecosystem or brand new to it.

Additionally, submitting our events to StartNow is a must-do to reach a target market of entrepreneurs. Pittsburgh has been in need of a independent, centralized go-to resource for entrepreneurs to explore, learn, and share with each other. Plus having all the startup events in one spot helps me plan my week and easily share relevant ones with accelerator companies.
-Cat Tsavalas

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StartNow Pittsburgh is the best local publication to kickoff your week! The thoughtful editorials and weekly calendars keep me and my colleagues “in the know". John Quayle & Joe Esposito have their hands on the pulse of the Pittsburgh startup scene — and StartNow Pittsburgh is a must.
- Mike Embrescia


When I moved to Pittsburgh from Washington, DC I wanted to dive head first into the area's emerging startup ecosystem. I was spinning my wheels for the first few months trying to find good sources of information, until I met John and Joe. They told me about StartNow Pittsburgh and I subscribed the very next morning. Without StartNow Pittsburgh, I would be in the dark about our city's vibrant startup scene. I would recommend this newsletter to anyone with an interest in the community, whether you're new to the area or a long time member!
- Frank McNally

Don’t be the person who constantly repeats the phrase “I didn’t know about that”. StartNow is the perfect way to connect with the Pittsburgh community.