StartNow Pittsburgh exists to be the ground zero of all relevant information in the greater Pittsburgh startup ecosystem. We love to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs, local resources, ecosystem activity, and all the stuff that sits in-between. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship, startups, and small businesses. 

We started the StartNow Pittsburgh brand in October of 2015 and have spent years cultivating relationships, keeping track of the needs of the community, and contributing sweat equity in making Pittsburgh a better place for all founders and small businesses. 

StartNow Pittsburgh is 100% self-funded and continues to be a FREE resource for the greater Pittsburgh community. We are sub-brand of Quayle Creative and are a for profit initiative. 

In leading up to the launch and in the time since the launch, we've spent years being on the front lines of our community - often volunteering for events, organizing our own, weaving in and out of the software development / graphic design industries, building our own companies, and investing in others. We are proud to call Pittsburgh home and know that the city has a lot to offer. 

We are committed to fostering a community that continues to help entrepreneurs be at their best. 

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I'm new to Pittsburgh or the Pittsburgh startup community. How do I get involved?

We're a little biased, but the best first step is signing up for the StartNow Pittsburgh newsletter to learn about our community. Secondly, we would encourage you to attend as many events as your schedule allows. Need to find an event to attend? Check out our community calendar.  

We believe that it takes around six months to fully understand Pittsburgh's startup landscape, develop a introductory network, and feel like you are "home". 

Are there any guidelines I should know about before jumping in?

Be kind. Be social. Find a way to help others. 

Pittsburgh has a startup community that was / continues to be built on collaboration, kindness, and a strong work ethic. We all have our differences in opinions, but we support each other in critical moments. 

Our company has an upcoming event. Can you promote it to your community for us?

It depends! The first step in figuring out if your event is right for StartNow, we would encourage you to submit your event to us using the submission form. Once you submit, we review all entries and may reach out to ask more questions about the event. Due to the number of submissions, we cannot guarantee a response from our team. 

Our company is hiring for position X  / I want to work  for a startup company. Can you help us find candidates / find a job? 

Generally speaking, we're not a recruiting agency nor do we help with employee placement. However, if you are interesting in promoting your job openings to the greater community, email us! If you're looking for a job for a startup, then we highly recommend keeping your eyes & ears open as you network in Pittsburgh. Additionally, we occasionally post open positions in our weekly newsletter. 

Awesome. How can I help give back to make sure StartNow keeps going?

Become a sponsor! We are always looking for companies to partner with and sponsors help us keep StartNow a FREE resource for the community. To learn about what options are on the table or what we offer - reach out to us directly via email. 

Wait. I have more questions! Who do I contact to find the answers? 

For any additional questions you may have about Pittsburgh, starting a company in Pittsburgh, the community at large, setting up new resources, or any other possible question - email us! We'd be happy to have a discussion and point you in the right direction.